Khao Yai National Park covers more than 2,000 square kilometers of forest and grassland in central Thailand. Over 50 kilometers of hiking and biking trails wind through the long-standing nature preserve, and its many waterfalls include 150m-tall Haew Narok and 20m-tall Haew Suwat. The park also shelters diverse wildlife like bears, gibbons, elephants and hornbills. The area also promote many agricultural farm from fruits, vegetable, vineyard, and dairy farm

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Meet the Maker

Cheese making has been a family passion since our father’s generation.

He met a cheese maker when he was traveling around Italy during the 1980’s and discovered his love for cheese making and it’s tradition.


There is something special about the weather and beautiful landscape in the Khaoyai National Park area, which reflects on the quality of raw milk that we use to make our cheeses. We have very strict standards in terms of what we allow in our milk, so we use only the highest quality milk. Most of the time our cows are pastured out in the open, therefore we are able to get fresher flavours in the milk that we use.


We are very proud of our cheeses. Cheese making is a mixture of science and art. Sometimes you realise that during the process the cheese may have a different smell, might be too firm or too soft. That’s when our instincts take over. The process of creating each batch of cheese can vary from day to day  but the end product that we create is always consistent. It is attention to detail that makes our cheese so special.

Mr. Petch Boonchoochuay

Managing Director / Cheese Maker

"At our cheese plant, we produce high quality products in small quantity"

"To get a perfect mix of innovation and tradition takes passion, but it’s our way of living, our beautiful family story, and we are proud of it"

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